The Hazchem Network

The Hazchem NetworkThe Hazchem Network offers a next day nationwide service for single or multiple pallet consignments. It features

  • Unparalleled service: 99.9% OTIF
  • 100% compliant : ADR fleets, DGSA, HERS back-up.

The Hazchem Network was established in 2004 and went on to win the 2005 Logichem European Supply Chain Project of the year.

The Hazchem Network handles approximately 1,000 pallets per night at the Rugby hub, utilizing 40 member hauliers into every region in the country. The in-house DGSA officer is happy to help with any requirements regarding labelling and paperwork when carrying your hazardous goods.

Product Discharge

We are able to handle the discharge of hazardous products in several ways:

  • Gravity fed into customer's own tanks and receptacles.
  • Pressure discharge from customer's own pressure tanks and IBCs.
  • Pump discharge into customer's own tanks and receptacles.

Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS)

HERS is a coordinated national approach, by dedicated responders, to resolve packaged chemical incidents and environmental emergencies, quickly and safely. HERS is a major step forward in emergency response from a consortium of hazardous goods professionals. These include The Hazchem Network, The National Chemical Emergency Centre, Braemar Howells and OAMPS Petrochemical.

NEW SERVICE: Recently launched, Roy Fox Transport now also offer a nationwide ADR parcel service.

Classes of hazardous materials carried by Roy Fox Transport Ltd.

Roy Fox Transport Ltd will carry most classes of hazardous waste with the exception of Class 1 (Explosives), Class 7 (Radioactive), Class 6.2 (Biohazards) and selected Class 4.1 and 5.2)

Class 2 class2aclass2b
Class 3 class3blank
Class 4 class4aclass4b
Class 5
Class 6  class6.1aclass6.1b
Class 8  class8blank
Class 9  class9blank